Safety All Along the Line

Do you ever talk on the phone while driving? Or do you drive while talking on the phone?

Remember that the danger increases with use, and that it’s better to be safe than sorry! Take the time to go over these tips from the Canada Safety Council.

Talking on the Phone

  • Use a hands-free model
  • Keep conversations brief
  • Use speed dialing
  • Never dial while driving
  • Don’t take notes while driving
  • If a conversation becomes too engrossing, pull over somewhere safe
  • Let your voice mail pick up calls in tricky driving situations
  • Practise using your cell phone and voice mail while your car is stopped
    Avoid unnecessary calls


  • Keep your hands on the wheel
  • Keep your eyes on the road
  • Stay in your lane
  • Drive carefully
  • Always make driving your number one priority

Source: Canada Safety Council

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