Your Condominium

Condominium insurance is an affordable way to protect your investment and your household possessions, while also protecting your liability as a joint owner of the building and facilities.

As a condominium owner, you have special insurance needs, and ordinary insurance coverage may not give you all the protection you require. As well as owning your own unit, you share ownership in the structure, facilities, and amenities of the entire complex. Group ownership gives you lifestyle advantages, but also carries shared responsibilities if something goes wrong.

Ask us how condominium insurance can protect you against the following scenarios:

  • Your condominium corporation has inadequate insurance
  • Theft of your valuable possessions
  • A slip & fall on your property resulting in someone suffering injury
  • You receive a special assessment from your condominium board.
  • Your errant shot on a golf course causes damage or injury

You can save on your total premium when you combine your home and vehicle insurance in one package with one expiry date.

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