Your Business

A variety of insurance packages and customized policies are available to accommodate anything from a one-person operation to a large franchise operation. All policies can be designed with specific coverage for the four aspects of your business that require protection: property, liability, crime, and business interruption.

The Commercial Insurance Protector (CIP) policy protects businesses operating in the following areas:

  • Service
  • Contractor
  • Property ownership
  • Retail or wholesale
  • Office

Basic CIP coverage includes:

  • Property of every description
  • Business interruption
  • Crime insurance
  • General liability

Ask us whether your business qualifies for the CIP.

If your business does not meet these criteria, the Business Insurance Protector (BIP) may be designed for you. There are no compulsory coverages required. The BIP allows you to customize your insurance package to meet the specific requirements of your business.

All of the following are BIP optional coverages:

  • Property of every description
  • Business interruption
  • Crime insurance
  • Liability (Arising out of your business)
  • Umbrella liability

For more details on any of the products we represent, contact us and we’ll reply within one business day.